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General: Our Yates A20-12 planer (see photos page) has four independently powered cutting heads. This machine can plane 1, 2, 3, or 4 surfaces simultaneously on dimension lumber. Size limitations are 12” width and 8” vertical opening. We can also machine edge profiles such as tongue and groove, bevel tongue and groove, and shiplap. Typically these profiles are done on ¾”-1” boards of hemlock or white pine, but we can also machine tongue and groove edges on planks of nominal 2” and even 3” thickness. Timbers up to 24’ length can be sawn and planed. Because of the planer opening limitations, max rectangular size is 6”x12” and max square size is 8”x8” nominal.
To see a larger version of the below profiles including dimensions, click each one.

Kiln Drying:
Our Nyles 8,000 bf kiln is used to kiln dry most of the stock for planing. Planing typically produces better surface finish on kiln-dried or air-dried lumber, but planing can be done on as-sawn stock if necessary.

Prices: Prices for finish lumber are shown on the 1” and 2” pricing pages. Prices for boards and planks with edge profiles are given below (kiln-dried white pine or hemlock, random length):

1x4 – $ .42/lf 2x4 - $ .90/lf
1x6 – $ .65/lf 2x6 - $ 1.02/lf
1x8 – $ .93/lf 2x8 - $1.35/lf