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Following are some frequently asked questions about the mill:

  1. What are your hours?
    We are open Tue-Sat from 8:00am to 5:00 pm. (Not open Mon.)
  2. Do you have rough-cut in inventory or do you have to order?
    We keep a good inventory of 2" RC on hand and have an assortment
    of 1" stock. If you need a large quantity of 1" boards for a building project,
    we would saw for the order and generally need about 1 week notice for a large order.
  3. Do you deliver?
    We deliver for a nominal additional charge.
  4. Do you have hardwood lumber?
    We usually have small quantities of air-dried oak, black cherry, and beech lumber, but we specialize in softwoods.
  5. Do you sell retail?
    We sell to retail customers as well as contractors and industrial firms.
  6. Do you buy logs?
    We buy hemlock, white pine, spruce, and larch logs dependent on our inventory needs. Logs are typically purchased delivered to our yard. We also buy standing timber dependent on market conditions and proximity to the mill.
  7. Will you plane my boards or saw my logs?
    Yes, this is called "custom" or contract sawing and planing. In general you need at least 1000 board feet of lumber for custom sawing or at least 500 linear feet for custom planing.
  8. What is a board foot?
    Think of board feet as the area you would cover if you nailed it up as siding (assuming 1" thick). If your material is 2" thick, board feet = twice the area it would cover. To calculate, multiply the cross sectional area (sq. inches) times the length (feet) and divide by 12. For example, a 2"x8"x12' joist would equal 16 board feet and a 1"x6"x12' board would equal 6 board feet.