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Dimensional Lumber

1" rough cut boards are often used for board & batten siding, floor boards, or roof boards. Because 10" and 12" wide boards must be cut from larger logs, they cost more than narrower boards (per board foot). Pine is sometimes preferred for boards due to its nailing ease and inherent soundness in larger log sizes. Hemlock is sometimes preferred for its weather resistance and aging color.

2" thick lumber is sold "rough cut" (full dimension, undried lumber), or dried and planed. Common sizes are stocked and roughcut can be sawn to order in a few days.
Our lumber is hemlock unless otherwise specified.

Rough cut lumber is less expensive than dried & planed lumber and is stronger and stiffer due to the additional wood from the "full dimension". (For example a roughcut '2x6' measures 2" x 6" compared with 1.5" x 5.25" for finished.)

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